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Non Pro

We are excited to welcome you to the MApHA Non Pro section, where our passion for the breed is strong!


The Non Pro of our club work hard every year, to bring our association great year end awards and activities all year long, which would not be possible without the support of all our members thru these fundraising events: 


Pattern Book Ads: Please consider spreading the word to those companies around the state that we can promote online in all of our Pattern Books! 

Pattern Book Ad Sponsorship

Permanent Back Numbers: 

Interested in keeping the same back number all year long?  Support the Non Pros with a permanent back number between 300-699. Please contact Kristeena to reserve your number today! 

Calcutta Stumps Race: 

Join us to bid on the fastest in the pen to bring some big money home and have fun cheering on our members! 

LulaRoe Fundrasier: Join us every spring as we Shop for a Cause! Over $1000 was made in the spring of 2022, look forward to more details for 2023! 




Watch for more activities from Exhibitor Pizza Parties, to Team Tournaments at the shows! 

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Amanda Mayer


Kristeen Wright


Frannie Griffith


Katherine Maiville

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