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Board of Directors 



Amanda Kutchey

Here to promote our breed, and great group of people we show with!  I love to work with our members to make a stronger association going into the future, and give back to our members!  


Board Member

Michelle Stirling 

Michelle is one of our many Non Pro's that has stepped up to help make the club what it is today.



Sheryl Steiner 

New to our treasurer position, Sheryl is working hard to fill the shoes of Judy and still get in the pen on time and ready to go. 


Board Member

Lee Fischhhaber

Lee is in charge of trail she works hard to keep the trail course set up and the class moving along. This is a huge job and we are grateful to have her take it on for us.


Board Member

Julie M. Mayer 

My name is Julie Mayer. I have been with the MApHA family for 47 years.
I love the versatility of the Appaloosa, but mainly love the running the barrels and poles horse against horse. This was a game derived by the Nez Pearce Indians, for which the National Appaloosa Horse club recognized.
What makes the MApHA so special? We are one big family! We all laugh together, encourage each other, help each other and have fun together! They must be special for me to be here almost 50 years


Board Member 

Brad Stirling 

Brad is our man in charge. He has taken on helping at every show. If you see him thank him and ask if there is anything you can do to help him out.


Board Member 

Lynn Faeth

While Lynn lives in Iowa he travels to Michigan for everyone of our shows and has also made his way on to our board of directors. 


Board Member

Sharon is new to the MApHA board but not to the club. She takes on the role of stall reservations organizer and also handles our booth for the Michigan Horse Expo.


Recording Secretary

Marlynn Barkow

Marty as her friends call her is our new recording secretary. Along with riding and showing Marty also enjoys quilting and sewing.


Board Member

Cathy Wood 

Cathy Wood has been on the board of directors for many years, and more then happy to answer any questions or direct you to the person who might know the answer if she does not.


Vice President

Frannie Griffith

Frannie is one of the clubs younger Non Pro's who has taken on the challenge of keeping the club up and running and modernizing us. You will see her roaming the shows with her daughter in toe or out in the pen running and if she is not out in the pen for the gaming she is the voice behind the microphone keeping all of the gamers straight.


Board Member

Mike Mayer

Mike is our Games Committee chair. He is in charge of making sure the games classes run as smoothly and efficiently as they can. 


Points Keeper

Amy Schweiger 

Amy is not actually a board member, but has offered to do year end points for the club for many years. Any points related questions can be direct to Amy.

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